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  Wednesday 6th December 2017

  1. Opening: 7:32 pm Community Hall
  2. Present: Tom Lethbridge, Laurel Jared, Des & Pru Fowles, Bianca Folber, Anneke and Gerrit Schrale, Di Lamont, Helen & Mark Ashenden, Louise Pickford, Jo Horsnell, David Elder, Tom Millar, Ruth Williams, Joan & Trevor Harslett, Lauren Fischer and Paula Anderson

Observor: Councillor Darryl Parslow

      3. Apologies: Mayor Lorraine Rosenberg, Brad Pickford, Priah Dean, Councillor                      Martin Bray, Councillor Marion Themeleotis, Petrah Harslett, Mary Angwin, Bill Jared and Gavin Fischer

  1. Minutes: of previous Meeting held Wednesday 1st November 2017 accepted as a true record: Moved: Tom Lethbridge, 2nd Des Fowles. Carried.
  2. Matters Arising from the Previous Minutes.
  • Wall photos for hall: At the end of the meeting we were able to view the proposed photos. Di will be looking to get them printed in the new year.
    Rod Scott Memorial:
    Carry forward to next meeting.
  • Kangarilla Santa’s

Bianca reached out to the Kangarilla Progress Association and spoke with the Chair Person Bernadette. They were very happy to have the Clarendon Community on board. There is no formal process in place but everyone is encouraged to join. Bianca shared the news on the Clarendon facebook groups and it was also shared in the Kangarilla facebook group. Many residents have started to put their Santa’s up and photos have been shared on facebook. There was some media interest last year and Bianca suggested it would be nice if we could supply a list of roads that are involved so people could visit.

     6. Aboriginal History of Clarendon – Introduction & Overview  (Tamaru-Karrl    Smith)
Tamaru – Karrl Smith was a late apology. Helen will try to reschedule.

     7. Treasurers Report
Report tabled.
Accepted as a true record: Moved: Tom Millar, 2nd: Pru Fowles. Carried

      8. Initiatives:

  • Fund My Neighbourhood

Bianca shared with CCA members that Leslie’s submission for a nature playground at Riverbend Park had not been successful in the first round in obtaining funding. The nature playground received 63 votes and the lowest number of votes for a successful project in the southern region was 129. Bianca discussed with members how the voting and funding system works. The funding was divided up between the different regions by comparing census data on residents however the same did not seem to apply to the voting. Bianca expressed her concern that even if every resident of Clarendon voted they would still be unlikely to be successful. Bianca has signed up to a mailing list to be informed when the next round of voting opens in 2018 and she will keep everyone informed. She is not yet sure whether Leslie will need to re-apply or whether her submission will automatically carry over. It was mentioned that as a community we can still work on trying to get a nature playground but have it fit within the master plan for the rec ground and Riverbend Park.

Pru Fowles advised CCA members that we should start thinking now about other projects that we might like to submit for funding when the campaign opens again in 2018.

  • Clarendon Family Event

Pru Fowles thanked many members of the community for their support during the lead up to the event and the event itself. Pru particularly wished to thank Brad and Louise Pickford who were influential in creating the event and managing the event on the day. Brad and Louise are both passionate about Clarendon and its history and it was fantastic that they stepped up and helped bring the community together through this event. In particular, Brad’s multimedia work with the QR codes was very well received and it is hoped that we can use this as a stepping stone to make Clarendon stand out amongst the rest. It was mentioned that it would be great to continue adding to the trail and expanding the QR codes. We could look at tying the interpretive signage in with the QR codes. Members were keen to view the videos that were linked to the QR codes so Bianca volunteered to forward the links to all members via email.

Louise was onsite on the day of the event and she advised members that there were 107 registrations for the trail. Feedback from people on the day was very positive and it was particularly great to see both young and older members of the community coming together. The event also re-invigorated local community members and created momentum to try and do more activities in the community.

Louise queried the CCA as to how they should manage the left-over supplies from the event. There were a number of kites and ice blocks left over and it would be nice to distribute them within the community.

Pru Fowles proposed that the left-over ice blocks, kites and sunscreen be distributed to the local community groups such as the Clarendon Primary School, Clarendon Kindergarten and the Church.

Moved: Pru Fowles, 2nd: Helen Ashenden. Carried

Bianca asked Louise if there were any funds left over from the Trail. A full audit hasn’t been done yet but Louise does believe there will be funds left over. Lauren Fischer proposed that the surplus funds be used to grow the Clarendon Discovery Trail and the digital media.

Moved: Lauren Fischer, 2nd Di Lamont, Carried.

  1. Subcommittee Reports

 Clarendon Community Initiative

The aim of the Clarendon Community Initiative is to work with the community to develop a future master plan for Clarendon. The CCI will be working in partnership with council.

Des proposed that Louise and Brad Pickford be included in the CCI sub committee as they have shown they have very valuable skills and are very passionate about Clarendon.

Moved: Des Fowles, 2nd: Bianca Folber. Carried

  • Camping and Riverbend Park

Bianca gave an update to CCA members regarding camping. Since the last CCA meeting the team leader of the rangers Peter Cookson has met with the residents of Nicolle Road and the sporting clubs to hear their views on camping and look at some possible options. It had been hoped that a consensus could be reached however it appears that is not going to happen. Ian and Peter from the council put forward 2 possible options for camping.

The first option was no camping at all but look at increasing security measures at the rec ground and Riverbend park.

The 2nd option was to allow camping but limit it to certain months, between 4-8 sites and only the car park behind the bowling club.

There was much discussion between the residents and it was mentioned that it would be better if we actually had a master plan that could be viewed. Bianca expressed to the residents that the CCI had put forward the recommendation to Ian and Peter that camping should be put on hold until it can be looked at within a master plan for the whole rec ground and Riverbend park and then the community can see whether camping actually fits in the plan. Residents seemed predominately in favour of this option as they would then be able to visualise the proposed measures and it would also address concerns of having camping during the upcoming vintage season.

Peter advised residents that he planned on meeting with the sporting clubs and then council would have a look at all the feedback and work out a plan to move forward.

Bianca rang Peter Cookson on Friday 1st December to see how things were progressing. He advised that he had recently met with the sporting clubs. The sporting clubs were all in favour of camping. Peter had not had a chance to feed the information back to Ian yet.

Bianca now feels that this situation has been going on for far too long. It is now Summer and Council seem to think that by having the temporary closure signs up it can give them some more time to come to a conclusion. Des explained to the members that it had now been nearly 12 months since camping had first been discussed. Des and David met with the Council CEO Mark Dowd and Alison Hancock back in May and Mark declared that he wanted the matter resolved quickly however the lack of communication from council and their delay to respond to enquiries would show otherwise.

Bianca put forward the motion that the CCA President contact the City of Onkaparinga CEO Mark Dowd and request that camping be put on hold until it can be addressed through the master plan for the Clarendon Rec Ground and Riverbend Park.

Before the motion could be voted on, Tom Millar requested to speak to the members regarding the list of considerations that was forwarded to council. He shared with the members that he felt it was missing an important aspect of Clarendon’s “Sense of Place” and that is the strong Aboriginal heritage and in particular the significance at Riverbend Park. Bianca and Des agreed with Tom and advised they would amend the list of considerations to include Aboriginal heritage.

Bianca then put forward the motion again that CCA President Mark contact the City of Onkaparinga CEO Mark Dowd and request that camping be put on hold until it can be addressed through the master plan for the Clarendon Rec Ground and Riverbend Park.

Moved: Bianca Folber, 2nd: Tom Millar. Motion was carried with one member abstaining from voting.

Councillor Parslow informed the CCA members that every council has come together and submitted a bid for the Mount Lofty Ranges to be listed as a World Heritage site. This also involved all of the different aboriginal clans agreeing to the proposal.

  • Interpretive Signage

David Elder shared with the CCA members that the signage group wished to touch more on the Aboriginal heritage and had been reaching out for information. The team will organise to have another meeting. Helen and David will speak with Tamaru–Karrl Smith and see when a meeting or chat can be organised. Joan Harslett mentioned that the Flinders Uni Cultural Heritage Unit is a great source of information and Helen will investigate.

  1. General Business
  • Re-negotiation of Kindergarten Lease

Nat Cook corresponded with DECD regarding the kindergarten lease. David Elder received correspondence from Nathan Hoban who is a Senior Advisor for DECD and he advised that DECD will be in touch with the CCA during 2018 to commence discussions regarding the lease. DECD advised they would like to come to a mutually acceptable rental for the new lease and they appreciate the financial pressures on community organisations. The CCA would however need to provide evidence to support their request for an increased rental.

David also spoke with M3 property about getting a valuation on rent but it was going to cost $3000. Councillor Parslow suggested that we could try contacting Gary Hennessey who is now the Deputy Mayor as he runs Hennessey Property and might be able to give some feedback. David will follow this up.

  • Hall update

David Elder advised there is a water leak costing about $40 a month but it is in a difficult spot to access. David would like to get a quote from the original plumber who did the work as they know where most of the pipes are laid. It was mentioned that it would be good to get a second quote as well to compare.

It was proposed that David Elder have the authority to get 2 quotes on the plumbing work and then seek executive approval to go ahead with the work as the CCA will not be meeting again until February.

Moved: Pru Fowles, 2nd. Helen Ashenden. Carried.

David advised that the hall has been recently mopped but it costs $44 so we will organise it as required based on hall hiring schedule. It currently takes about 1.5hrs to mop the hall using standard mopping equipment. Lauren Fischer shared with members that it would be much more effective to use an industrial mop that covers more floor space.

Des proposes that we look at purchasing the proper janitorial and maintenance provisions to properly maintain and clean the hall. David has the authority to purchase. Moved: Des Fowles, 2nd Helen Ashenden. Carried

    Other Business

  • Laurel Jared made a comment regarding Riverbend Park and the amount of work that has gone in to it over the years.
  • Pru Fowles advised that a few people have mentioned to her that it would be good to have a viewing platform at the weir. Can we put our thinking caps on and consider whether it is a project we might like to submit to Fund my Neighbourhood or apply for some form of grant.
  • President Mark Ashenden presented Des Fowles with a gift to recognise his continued dedication to Clarendon.

Next meeting

                  Wednesday 7th February 2018 at 7.30pm

Meeting Closed