Association Minutes

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Monday 21st August 2017.

1. Opening: 7.35pm Community Hall

2. Present: David Elder, Tom Lethbridge, Cllr Martin Bray, Laurel Jared, Ruth Williams,
Des & Pru Fowles, Grant Hillier, Petra Harslett, Gavin Fischer, Bianca Folber, Anneke and Gerrit Schrale, Janet Paradis, Paula Anderson, Tom Millar, John & Marilyn Gatley.

3. Apologies: Dave Clark, Di Lamont, Darryl Parslow, Joan & Trevor Harslett. Kathy Townsend, Mark & Helen Ashenden, Jo Horsnell.

4. Minutes: of previous Meeting held Monday July10th 2017 accepted as a true record: Moved: Bianca Folber, 2nd Anneke Schrale. Carried.

5. Matters Arising from the Previous Minutes.

(a) Community Hall:
(i) Air conditioner is now installed and working.
(ii) Wall photos: Grant money has been received. A selection of photos is in progress by Di and Jo who will report at the next meeting.

(b) Rod Scott Memorial:
Andy Smith (City of Onkaparinga Workgroup Coordinator Open Space) will arrange for the rock to be imbedded in a concrete plinth for security. September unveiling is a possibility.

(c) Public Meeting Outcomes:
The items for discussion on the agenda were presented by Council at the meeting on Monday 14th August and information papers distributed. Papers tabled.
The CCA members reflected on those matters as follows:

(i) Clarendon Historic (Conservation) Zone:
Further discussion occurred around the Hollitt Road development.
David has sent a letter to Renee Mitchell, (Manager of Development Services) and a response has been received. Her advice is that the development was viewed as Category 1 under the Regulations so no public notification is permitted by law. Stormwater issues have been dealt with and are being monitored. Letter tabled.
Janet Paradis informed the Committee of her personal endeavours and her meeting with the Planning, Environment and Resources Court.
Going forward, all land divisions are to be passed by senior planners and Council’s Heritage Advisor. The Heritage Advisor will also be involved in all other Development Applications in the Clarendon Area.
Discussion also reflected the view that the presentation from Council was confusing and information unclear. Des was asked by David to distribute a document that indicates how policies in the area have changed, and he will also include a slide presentation that was delivered to the Cultural Heritage Committee of the National Trust.

(ii) Camping at Riverbend Park:
It was felt that there was no clear process for further community input and consultation about Camping arising from the meeting. Martin Bray offered to speak to Ian Hawkins (Manager of Community Safety and Customer Relations) to clarify his intentions.
However, Council did make it obvious in a general sense that it was supportive of community expression, input and ideas. Investigation to be done by Clarendon Community Initiative (CCI) to bring together a template for community dialogue around camping, emphasizing it is just one small part of a master plan encompassing the entire site.
There was discussion around the legality of the camping sites as the CT reference for the camping does not relate to Riverbend Park, only the Oval. It was interesting to note the By Law also states camping at Clarendon Oval. No reference to Riverbend Park.

(iii) Recreation Ground Draft Master Plan:
Discussion centred around the inability of Council to take a holistic approach to the site. The need for vigilance and the need to be informed was expressed.
Des Fowles explained how the Draft Open Space Strategic Management Plan that is up for Community Consultation has errors and a narrow view relating to the Recreation Ground, Hazel McKenzie land and River Bend Park. All have been bundled in together as a District Active Park, when the total site is a complex mix of an Active Park, a Passive Park and a Family Park (using the Draft Plan terminology). There was also discussion about inconsistencies in the Community Lands Management Plan including an area of land mapped out as Council land when it is privately owned. Des Fowles offered to draft a letter for David to send from the CCA to the appropriate Council contact.
Riparian rights were discussed with concern expressed over the amount of river water being pumped out. David to discuss with Andy Smith.

(iv) STEDS: nothing new to discuss.
It was noted that Kevin Innes has sent a letter on his own behalf (not from CCA) questioning some of the figures given in the reply from Mark Dowd dated 26th July 2017.

(d) Re-negotiation of Kindergarten Lease with DECS:
David Elder contacted Council and spoke an officer who deals with similar matters where Council land is leased to DECS. When establishing a commercial valuation on leasehold properties they use M3 Property Consultants, with typical fees around $1,500 to $2,500 to complete.
CCA members mentioned the possibility of other local property agents, including Bushy Martin and Tony Tagni, who may be able to give some guidance.
DECS will have completed 40 years of leasehold at the Hall site in 2019, and a new lease will be due, prompting the need for a commercial rent appraisal. Negotiations may reveal some cost sensitivity and to guard against unwanted consequences it was suggested that preliminary discussions be held with Nat Cook (local member for Fisher) to help steady the situation at a political level.

6. Correspondence:
A letter of complaint was received from Brigitte Wagner concerning the state of the hall when it was hired. David will attend to the complaint.
As a separate matter, David raised the issue of the existing hire charge and whether this should be adjusted, including the amount of the bond that needs to be paid. An adjustment was moved.
Motion: To increase the Hall hire from $120 to $150 with the $400 bond remaining the same. Moved: Tom Lethbridge. 2nd: Tom Millar. Carried.

7. Treasurer’s Report
Report tabled.
Accepted as a true record: Moved: David Elder 2nd: Tom Millar Carried

8. Sub Committee Reports
(a) Clarendon Community Initiative CCI
The group met once in the last month and mainly prepared for the Public meeting by concentrating on the zoning issue and better understanding the workings of the Development Plan and planning system.
Future work of the group will address the zoning and camping issues as a high priority, mapping out some processes for community consultation that will be brought back to the CCA for approval.
Des Fowles has met with the National Trust of South Australia and has requested their support in confirming the need to better protect Clarendon. They were receptive to our need for support in fixing the issue of zoning and will further discuss it at their September meeting.
Des Fowles has also written to the Minister for Planning, John Rau, in the hope that Planning SA may attend to the zoning issue notwithstanding Council’s stated inability to act. Des will also have a follow up meeting with Nat Cook so that the local member can confirm the need to act on this matter with the Minister.
Bianca Folber has contacted Councillor Marion Themeliotis. She is supportive of the group’s work and will gather costings on current Council resources applied to the present camping situation.

(b) Interpretive Sign for Riverbend Park
Slow progress. Arketype Signwriters are flexible and can accommodate our requirements. Andy Smith (Workgroup Coordinator Open Space) wishes to vet the finished graphics and text.

9. General Business
(a) Clarendon/Kangarilla Road and Bridge.
Rebekha Sharkie wrote to Stephen Mulligan (Minister for Transport and Infrastructure) on behalf of Phil Scroop requesting access to Supplementary Local Government Road Funding for the needed road upgrades. Letter tabled.
Bianca Folber reported that ‘No Pedestrians’ signs had been placed either end of the bridge.
Bianca offered to contact the Department of Transport to request information on the condition of the bridge

(b) Membership Category for Sporting Clubs.
The Netball Club has requested a club membership so any netball member can attend a meeting and vote. Discussion around the Constitution noted its requirement that members live on or own property in Clarendon. Many of the netballers do not live in Clarendon. There was some thought that the Constitution may need to be changed to allow all clubs/associations of Clarendon membership if they so desire.
Discussion turned to the Recreation Ground needing a voice. Since the Recreation Ground Committee disbanded several years ago there has been no united body to act on its behalf. Both sporting clubs are autonomous, with the other areas in and around them seen as fair game to expand into or use as they wish.
Motion: The CCA promote itself as the facilitating body for all Community lands that are not under lease to other Community bodies within the Clarendon township.
Moved: Des Fowles. 2nd Anneke Schrale. Carried.

(c) Move CCA meetings to a Wednesday night at 7.30.
Motion: CCA meetings to fall on the 1st Wednesday of the month beginning in October 2017.Moved: Tom Millar. 2nd: Gavin Fischer. Carried.

10. Next meeting (AGM followed by Ordinary meeting)
Wednesday 4th October 2017 at 7.30pm

11. Meeting Closed 9.40pm.